pure • blessed • sacred

100% organic ceremonial cacao from peru
handcut and blend with love and intention

My mission on earth is bringing back the memory that we are the source. Remembering that we are the carriers of all wisdom, unique power, magic and love. Bringing back the harmony of life in connection with Earth. bringing back the memory of wholeness.

I am creating a safe space for you to be. where you will go on a deep journey within, where you will find the home within yourself again. Working with the magical plant medicine Kakalina Kakao which will guide you back home to your heart, your inner world, bringing you back from your head into your heart, a state of unconditional love, leaving you feeling grounded, connected, whole, euphoric and in a lovely natural high.

The ceremonial cacao that Kakalina is working with is coming from the Ucayali region in Peru. Kakalina’s blends are all hand cut in a ritual with love and intention to honor the cacao spirit and to fill your cup with pure love.

Would you like to go onto a deeper journey with me? I’m offering several journeys, online, live or on events in which you will lovingly connect with yourself on deeper levels, your heart, your intuition and your inner power.

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Kakalina Kakao

by Nathalie Kemna

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