duo ceremony (portugal)

I offer the duo ceremony to deepen our connection within a relationship. It could be with your partner, a friend or a family member. You will go on a deep journey within yourself, and also connect on deeper levels with your partner.

I will take you on a deep transformative journey within working with the loving support of the cacao medicine. Within this journey we will focus on grounding into your body, on connecting to your heart, and opening to all what is alive in you. I am creating a safe space for you to be, to feel, a space where you are being carried.

Every journey is different as I am working intuitively and tuning into what’s needed at that moment.

During this journey I work with the cacao medicine, intention, meditation, visualization, breathwork, shamanic drum, sound bowls, energy, inquiry and sharings in between.

This journey is for your if you would like to:

  • let go of the old stories and limiting beliefs
  • deepen your connection with yourself and each other
  • get a clearer understanding of yourself and the other
  • gain clarity from the wisdom of your heart
  • (re)connect to the love within and allowing this love to flow
  • bring your relationship on a next level
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duo ceremony (portugal)

This journey takes around 3 hours.

Price: € 222,00

When you feel the call to go on this journey with me, please contact me through info@kakalinakakao.nl

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