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Nathalie Kemna – founder of KAKALINA KAKAO – medicine woman & teacher

This journey on earth made me face such deep layers of myself..facing challenges to see, to feel, to listen, to learn, to grow, to accept and surrender. My healing journey started when I was in the darkest corners of my life. I crawled my way out of an eating disorder, I walked a path with so many kinds of therapy, coaching, mindfulness, yoga and plant medicine.

The spirit of the cacao found me when I was in a very vulnerable space. I heard her calling and I found my way to her. The cacao allowed me to remember. to return to my essence. to return to my heart, the sanctuary of my soul. I have found love in the gentle embrace of cacao. This sacred medicine has become a bridge to my innermost home, allowing me to release judgment and welcome love and compassion instead.

When I sit down with my cacao, I feel the warmth of acceptance and understanding wash over me, reminding me to be kinder to myself and to others. When I surrender to her soothing energy, I am being reminded of the interconnectedness of all things. Her guidance helped me remember that I am not alone on this path; I am supported by the earth beneath my feet, the community around me, and the nurturing essence of the cacao herself. In this space of softness and vulnerability, I found this deep inner strength, knowing that I am held by forces greater than myself.

After many deep journeys within myself during my mindfulness training, yoga teacher training, the medicine woman training and of course with the spirit of the cacao herself, I started to integrate this beautiful medicine in my daily ritual, which taught me to truly live from my heart. She supported me in so many ways and I was being guided to share this medicine and to expand this energy of love and compassion here on earth. From this deep inner guidance Kakalina was born in 2020.

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The past 4 years I have been living my soul purpose and I have shared this medicine throughout Europe. Facilitating ceremonies at the most magical places. One on one and in big groups. In tipi’s, festivals, retreats and from my own intimate sacred spaces. I have been coaching, holding vulnerable spaces and I have been teaching others to find their own authentic ways of sharing their own unique medicine. I’ve build a strongly rooted community around Kakalina and have been growing her tribe. A tribe of Kakalina guardians and powerful medicine women.

For me Kakalina is way more than cacao. it is community. It is a tribe. It is a way of living. May kakalina be the anchor in your day where you decide to move from a space of love. May the soft rhythm of mama cacao serve as the grounding force in your daily routine creating a home, where you can freely express your unique creativity. A sip of your cup to be in stillness. A sip of your cup to remind you to take a break. To turn off, in a world that is always turned on. To be still, to connect, to anchor.

Whether this moment is shared with your loved ones, your family, your community or just yourself. Awaken to the love that resides within, and radiate that love outwards, connecting with others, the living breathing world around you through this beautiful dance of compassion and understanding. Let yourself be guided deeper into this moment while the melodies of the earth fill your soul with peace. Let your heart be open to the wonders that surround you, Just like the cacao seed transforms into a rich, nourishing cup of love through a process of nurturing and care, so do we have the power to nurture the ancient wisdom within ourselves and share it with the world. May kakalina be a reminder of all nature’s grand gifts. May Kakalina be your way of living.

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Kakalina Kakao

by Nathalie Kemna


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