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Nathalie Kemna – founder of KAKALINA KAKAO – medicine woman, spiritual mentor and energy worker. 

“This journey on earth, the journey as a medicine woman, made me face such deep layers of myself, such deep healing… facing challenges to see, to feel, to listen, to learn, to grow, to accept and surrender. It’s not always love and light; it’s truly seeing and allowing to feel everything that is presented to you in this present moment. What I’ve learned along this path is that we have to keep listening to the whispers of our inner voice, our heart. By doing so, I found the power within myself. The cacao has been my guide on this powerful journey. With all the beautiful experiences that shaped me, I have grown into the woman I am today. A woman living her soul mission. A woman who listens to the whispers of her heart and trusts the waves of life. A woman who dances to the rhythm of her own heart… and she’s not afraid to dance alone. As soon as you trust yourself, you know how to live.

My mission on earth is bringing back the memory that we are the source. Remembering that we all are carriers of wisdom, unique power, magic and love. Bringing back the harmony of life in connection with earth. Bringing back the memory of wholeness. 

I am creating a safe space for you to be, to connect, to open up. Kakalina will take you on a deep journey within, where you will find home within yourself again. She will guide you back home into your heart, your inner world, shifting your awareness from your head into your heart, a state of unconditional love, leaving you feeling grounded, connected, whole, euphoric and in a lovely natural high on life. Everything is already there. Everything exists within you. We have to do less and BE more. The earth is your most powerful teacher.”

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Kakalina Kakao

by Nathalie Kemna


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