mixed mushroom package (999g)

1 x reishi blend (333g)
1 x chaga blend (333g)
1 x lion’s mane blend (333g)

Every mushroom has its own unique benefits and qualities and we invite you to really tune in with yourself to feel which mushroom is calling you for your cacao ritual. We created a fully mixed mushroom package for you, where you can try the different blends for different moments in your life.

The Reishi blend can be calming and immune boosting. Reishi is also known as ‘the mushroom of immortality’. Ancient elders already said that Reishi supports you in building a stronger immune system.

The Chaga blend can be immune boosting. The Chaga mushroom is a medicinal mushroom that grows within a birch tree and takes all its nutrients from there. This mushroom is known as the king of the herbs, because of its remarkably high dose of S.O.D. antioxidants. This medicinal mushroom can support your body in digestion, strengthens your immune system and can improve your hormonal balance. And as it’s growing within the trees, taking its nutrients, I strongly believe it carries the ancient wisdom of the trees.

The Lion’s mane blend can support memory, clarity and focus. This blend is a nice one to try when you have a full day where you are in need of focus and clarity.

With each blend you’ll have enough cacao to make 15 cups of a daily dose.
The cacao has its origin in Peru and the blends are handcrafted with love and intention. The herbs in this blend give your body exactly what it needs.


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