The KAKALINA tribe is growing. Nathalie is currently living in Portugal and Fabianne is her helping hand in The Netherlands. It was not until recently that Fabianne strongly felt the pull to Mama Cacao, but as soon as she did, she realized cacao has always played a special role in her life. Now she’s spreading the love of KAKALINA in The Netherlands.

KAKALINA is always open to expand her tribe. We offer a 12 week facilitator training where we dive deep into the path of the medicine woman. You are being guided to facilitate your own ceremonies with KAKALINA KAKAO.

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kakalina facilitators

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nathalie kemna – founder of kakalina kakao – medicine woman, spiritual mentor and energy worker.

“This journey on earth, the journey as a medicine woman, made me face such deep layers of myself, such deep healing… facing challenges to see, to feel, to listen, to learn, to grow, to accept and surrender. It’s not always love and light; it’s truly seeing and allowing to feel everything that is presented to you in this present moment. What I’ve learned along this path is that we have to keep listening to the whispers of our inner voice, our heart. By doing so, I found the power within myself. The cacao has been my guide on this powerful journey. With all the beautiful experiences that shaped me, I have grown into the woman I am today. A woman living her soul mission. A woman who listens to the whispers of her heart and trusts the waves of life. A woman who dances to the rhythm of her own heart… and she’s not afraid to dance alone. As soon as you trust yourself, you know how to live.

My mission on earth is bringing back the memory that we are the source. Remembering that we all are carriers of wisdom, unique power, magic and love. Bringing back the harmony of life in connection with earth. Bringing back the memory of wholeness.

I am creating a safe space for you to be, to connect, to open up. Kakalina will take you on a deep journey within, where you will find home within yourself again. She will guide you back home into your heart, your inner world, shifting your awareness from your head into your heart, a state of unconditional love, leaving you feeling grounded, connected, whole, euphoric and in a lovely natural high on life. Everything is already there. Everything exists within you. We have to do less and BE more. The earth is your most powerful teacher.”

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helping hand making Kakalina blends in the Netherlands. It was not until recently that Fabianne strongly felt the pull to Mama Cacao, but as soon as she did, she realized cacao has always played a special role in her life. Now she’s spreading the love of KAKALINA in The Netherlands.

“Nathalie and I crossed paths when I answered my heart’s calling and attended one of her magical retreats in Portugal. The Summer after, I returned to Portugal for a month, planning to improve my surfing skills. I ended up surfing only once and doing whatever I felt like every day of my stay. This allowed for many beautiful things to unfold, such as an unexpected new friendship with Nathalie, who I came to see as the big sister I never had. The moments we shared were full of laughter, deep conversations and – of course – cacao. Reflecting on my life during my time in Portugal made me realize cacao has always played a subtle, yet special role in it. Suddenly, many pieces of my ‘personal puzzle’ started to fall into place. Born in Zaandam (home to the most well-known Dutch chocolate brand) and raised by a loving mom and dad who both worked for different cacao companies, the smell of cacao always reminds me of my childhood and has been a sign of good fortune to me for as long as I can remember. I’ve always felt inexplicably intrigued by South-American cultures and I remember making my first ‘cacao’ (using overly sweet chocolate milk and chili pepper…) around the age of 10. At this point in time, I love learning more about this powerful plant medicine and I feel forever grateful for being able to spread the Kakalina love together with Nathalie.”

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lara jeanne

Since a very young age I was active with intuitive living. I grew up in Friesland in the Netherlands. We moved a lot, so I experienced village, nature and city life. We came a lot in Portugal Algarve and my dad moved to Italy Toscana, so I feel very connected to those countries as well. The mountains, the sun, the sea, and the energy there. I felt, saw, and knew things, I felt so connected to Mother Earth and animals. I felt called by Mama Cacao. This beautiful plant medicine was already a big part of my life. I was very interested, of course in the taste and in how it could make u feel these deep feelings of love and happiness in the moment.

Around the age of sixteen I started consciously my energetic healing journey and in January 2021 I officially started my business Samen de Praktijk. I work as an energetic holistic therapist. I work with the modalities and facilitate hypnosis (also regression therapy), LEAP (Kundalini awakening) and cacao ceremonies.

In the summer of 2021, I went on a beautiful deep dive journey into the knowledge and wisdom of Mama Cacao. My beautiful sister Nathalie shared here teachings with me about the messenger of love, the plant medicine that connects us to our hearts and all the hearts around us. By connecting with and to our heart we connect with our inner wisdom, voice and our own medicine. Cacao is a journey with yourself, without judgement, just going and get reminded who you truly are. I got to know myself on a deeper level, my essence and I still do. Life is a ongoing beautiful process, our unique paths. I am very grateful the paths of Nathalie and myself crossed to experience the depths of love and Mama Cacao.

The last two years I facilitated a lot of big groups every month and since this year at festivals, on requests at studios and retreats, sometimes in combination with my other passions. Occasionally when Mama Cacao calls me, then I do a ceremony in Friesland in the Netherlands. I do more often the 1:1 or duo sessions in my studio or on a beautiful nature location. I almost connect every day when I feel called with cacaocita. I love to share this food of the gods with my loved once’s when they visit.

I am so grateful to know dear beautiful Nathalie, her amazing Kakalina and deepening my connection with Mother Earth and Mama Cacao. For me it feels like an honor that I may share this pure plant medicine with others. Feeling so much love, love for all, and all is one so also for you dear reader. Lots of love from me,

Lara Jeanne de Vries
Samen de Praktijk

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Connecten met zelfliefde, kwetsbaarheid en kunnen zijn met alles wat er is.

Het was een behoorlijke reis om te komen waar ik nu ben. 'In verbinding met mezelf'.

En we blijven nog altijd bijleren op deze reis die het leven heet.

Het prachtige plantmedicijn Cacao is voor mij hierin de afgelopen jaren zo een sterke en tegelijkertijd zachte teacher geweest.

Zoveel dankbaarheid voel ik voor dit liefdevolle medicijn.

En zoveel liefde en trots dat ik met haar mag werken.

Begin 2021 kwam mama cacao op mijn pad.

Ik was in die tijd bezig met een opleiding voor het faciliteren van familieopstellingen en 

ik voelde een sterke behoefte om te verbinden met gelijkgestemden en het delen van onze wijsheden met elkaar.

Vanuit dat verlangen ben ik begonnen met het faciliteren van vrouwencirkels en kwam via een andere sister het plantmedicijn cacao op mijn pad.

Het trok me gelijk aan en ik ben zelf op een diepgaande reis gegaan met mama cacao en alles wat ze te bieden heeft. 

Dat jaar ben ik haar liefde, haar gronding, haar warme deken ook al gaan delen in de vrouwencirkels.

Ik gaf zelf dus al een tijdje vrouwencirkels en ceremonies waarbij ik ook met het plantmedicijn Cacao werkte toen deze tribe van Nathalie; Kakalinakakao en haar training op mijn pad kwamen.

Ik voelde heel intuïtief dat ik graag met Nathalie wilde werken. 

Door deze training en de Kakalina tribe heb ik op nog een diepere manier met m'n hart en mezelf als facilitator kunnen connecten alsook met mama cacao.

Op dit moment faciliteer ik 1 op 1 cacao ceremonies en mooie halve dag ceremonies in samenwerking met andere teachers en spirit guides waarbij we cacao in combinatie met ademwerk, sound, dans, systemisch werk en creativiteit inzetten.

Voel je welkom!

Kom onderzoeken, kom voelen, voel je veilig.

Kijk op mijn instagram voor meer informatie over mij en mijn ceremonies.


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Kakalina Kakao

by Nathalie Kemna


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